Amwha is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of hyaluronic acids and other derivatives for the cosmetics industry.

Hyaluronic acids are recognized for their moisturizing virtues and can be used in all types of formulations. Our range of hyaluronic acids is COSMOS compliant and several molecular weights are available.

  • Pro-HA High Molecular Weight (>1500 kDa)
  • Pro-HA Medium Molecular Weight (1000 – 1500 kDa)
  • Pro-HA Low Molecular Weight (400 – 1000 kDa)
  • Pro-HA Extra-Low Molecular Weight (100 – 400 kDa)
  • Pro-HA Super-Low Molecular Weight (20-50 kDa
  • Oligo-HA (7-10 kDa)
  • Enzymatic Mini HA (3-5 kDa)

Utilisation: Personal care