The INGRETECH team wishes you a happy year 2018, rich in joint projects!

On our side, the year starts under the best auspices with a new distribution partnership on a very nice range of vegetable waxes, from the German company Kahlwax.

Kahlwax has indeed decided to trust us for the development of its products on the French cosmetic market from January 1, 2018 on . We are extremely proud of this as the vegetable waxes perfectly complement our present offer consisting of surfactants, active, cold emulsifiers, exfoliators, aqueous dispersions of pigments.

Having at heart to engage us in an humanitarian cause since the start of our activity, INGRETECH has been participating in the funding for the last few months of the project “emergency” which will allow the construction of a pole of excellence of pediatric surgery of 9000 m2 in Uganda. Its activity will be effective in January 2019.

Milestone after 4 years of existence, we have also started a quality certification process ISO 9001 with the aim of obtaining it at the end of the year 2018.

A lot of work and beautiful projects in perspective, carried by an intact motivation of our team that we want to expand in the coming months in order to accompany the growth of INGRETECH.

Happy New Year !



Aline SERRE - Associée et Directrice Commerciale chez Ingretech


Partner and Sales Director

« DEA » in Fine Chemistry and Master in natural extracts
(High School of Chemistry in Rennes in cooperation with Archimex)
20 years of experience in distribution of cosmetic ingredients
(Brenntag, Jan Dekker, IMCD)


Stéphanie ALVES

Technico-sales engineer

Master II – formulation technics(UTC Compiègne)
Chemical engineer(ESCOM)
4 years of expérience as sales engineer(Brenntag, CLR)
2 years of expérience in R&D for new actives development(EPI)



Charlotte SANGER

Sales & Marketing assistant

13 years experience as commercial and sales assistant in distribution of pharmaceutical primary packaging



Two main facts led us to create INGRETECH:Ingretech - La genese

  • An ever more demanding market in terms of the level of service provided by distributors

and service companies.

  • The willingness of many cosmetic raw materials producers to enter a reputed healthy

market via an expert partner at controlled cost.

It is in this way that we have achieved the Ingretech project between partners willing

to bring their deep expertise into a new and exciting challenge.


At the heart of Ingretech’s offer, our cosmetic product portfolio meets the requirements of the European Regulation (CE) Nr 1223/2009.

We also pay careful attention to providing complete dossiers for each product (efficacy tests, origin certificates, Ecocert/Cosmos approvals…)

ingretech - indena

All actives commercialized by Indena are technically tested and certified and show long lasting dermatological effects as anti-aging,slimming, smoothing and repairing agents.

Please feel free to now discover the complete range of Indena’s plant extracts and the 4 seasons concept

Ingretech - innospec

INNOSPEC has developed its expertise into 4 family products :

  • Sulfate-free surfactants : taurates, isethionates, APG (coco, lauryl, decyl glucosides)
  • Esters –solubilizers : C12-C15 alkyl benzoates and derivatives
  • Sequestering agents : disuccinic acid derivatives (biodegradable alternative to EDTA)
  • Silicones

Click here to know more about this complete and attractive offer


Chemyunion’s portfolio meets the needs of both basic skin care and intensive treatments for face and body, and provides benefits including moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-acne, skin calming, restoration of the cutaneous barrier and skin lightening. They embrace new technologies that allow us to innovate in products and tailor-made solutions.

Innovation in hair therapy involves developing solutions for not only basic hair treatment but also hair transformation, such as hair dyeing, bleaching, straightening and others. Chemyunion’s ingredients allow formulators to exercise all their creativity in developing different solutions for scalp care, such as excessive oiliness and dandruff.

By clicking on the link, feel free to discover their brochure : Personal Care – Product Guide_Chemyunion

Worlée’s expertise is focused on different technologies :


Nature is inspiring EPHYLA to offer you a nice range of plant extracts (from Amazonia and Burkina Faso) with innovative mechanisms of action.

Using a clay as carrier, these actives are Cosmos certified and allow the formulation of pickering emulsions.

They work on innovative biological targets as endothelin, sirtuines with new mechanisms as palmoplantar inhibition for a lightening effect. Other benefits targeted : skin repair, purifiying, antiaging, antioxydants.

Please have a look at the full actives range on


HeroCARE is the special line of 100% Virgin PTFE Micro-Powders developped by HEROFLON specifically addressed to the personnal care and make-up industry. HeroCare products are performing different functions such as binder, lubricant additive and SPF booster.

Main properties and benefits :

  • Improvement of lubrication, flow and homogeneity in the textures
  • Oil absorption and matifying action
  • Increased wear and water resistance
  • Boost of SPF in sun treatments and UV protection products
  • Enhanced lengthening and volumizing effect in mascaras and prevention of clumps
  • Wrinkle minimizer and filler action in anti-aging treatments

For further information, please click here : HeroCARE

téléchargement 3

GRACE SILICAS AND ZEOLITES : Go “natural” with highly pure materials certified by the NPA

  • Boost exfoliating, absorption and sunscreen SPF performance with silicas 
  • Add sensory and self heating properties and absorb moisture with zeolites

The unique morphology of SYLOID* silicas deliver outstanding absorption capacity, porosity, particle size distribution and greater internal surface area to deliver multiple benefits simultaneously : High Purity – High Particle Integrity for Efficient Exfoliating – Easily Dispersed – Suitable for Clear Gel Formulation – Controlled Density

A micronized, highly porous, crystalline aluminosilicate (also called molecular sieve) SYLOSYV Molecular Sieve Powder is a highly effective moisture scavenger and can provide additional functionalities such as self-heating and abrasive properties. Due to its small pore openings, it absorbs practically only water.

To select the right SYLOSIV or/and SYLOID, please have a look at the brochure : Grace Cosmetic Brochure  



Our philosophy

The mutual choice we make to start a partnership with our suppliers is a long term commitment for the development of their products on the market.

Being the extended sales and technical arm of its suppliers, Ingretech represents them ethically and exclusively.

Ingretech sells its suppliers commercial brands, with the consequent legal responsibilities that such position implies.

Indena® Spa, family owned Italian company, based in Milano is the world-wide leading company in identifying, developing and producing plant extracts since more than 90 years.

All actives are clinically tested and proved , showing long lasting benefits on the skinIn that respect, Indena® owns more than 150 patents for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food applications and has already published more than 700 scientific articles in many specialized magazines

To know more about Indena®, please go and visit their web site Indena®.

ingretech - indena

Innospec is an american group specialized in the formulation of sulfate-free surfactants (taurates and sarcosinates derivates) , sunscreen solubilizers and sequestering agents (biodegradable EDTA alternatives)

To know more about Innospec ‘s offer :

Ingretech - innospec

Heroflon is a leading company in the world of fluoropolymers and technical compounds. Its continuous drive for quality and innovation has been the fuel for a constant and successful growth in the relevant markets. Respect for the environment, innovation and business ethic behaviour are considered vital for our future.

Established over 30 years ago, but with almost 50 years of global experience, Heroflon has developed a solid and reliable Know-How to the benefits and success of its customers.

For further information :


Brazilian company based in Sao Paulo, Chemyunion’s three Business Units are Hair Care and Excipients, Skin Care and Life Sciences. They operate in an open innovation model that includes strategic partnerships and alliances involving research centers, universities and consultants, which combined with their capabilities in delivery systems, plant extraction and organic synthesis, portray Chemyunion’s business model.

Product safety and efficacy are key attributes. Their products have proven performance through internationally validated protocols using various experimental models like in silico, in vitro, ex vivo and clinical.

Get inspired by Chemyunion’s universe.

For further information :

Worlée is a German company created in 1851 and based in Hamburg. Specialized in the production and refinement of raw materials, its expertise comes from 3 technologies : polymerization, beads and pigment dispersions.

To know more about Worlee :


EPHYLA is a french company focused mainly on the development of active ingredients and new formlation concepts for the cosmetic industry. The company also offers research and consulting services.

We provide customized solutions for specific and personalized developments.

For further information :

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Built on talent, technology and trust, Grace high-performance specialty chemicals and material improve the products and processes of our customer partners around the worl.

Over 3700 Grace employees safely and sustainably develop, manufacture, license, support and sell leading tehchnologies to a wide variety of industries. For more than 70 percent of their sales of catalysts and silica-based materials, they rank 1 or 2.

For further information :



At Ingretech, we bring our market knowledge and technical expertise to our customers at every level of their manufacturing project.

=> Technical advice

Need for optimizing your formula ? Research for a product for a specific use ?

We are at your full disposal to find a solution with you for every problem or request. We propose a large range of tools for this purpose (documentation, tests in laboratory, samples..)

=> Anticipation of your needs

Our marketing department analyses every day for you the latest trends and technical innovations worldwide.

By several active and efficient communication tools (mailings, newsletters, website..), we want Ingretech to be proactive in our ideas and proposals and we are willing to help you in formulating your successful projects of today and tomorrow

=> On-demand ingredient development

You have a specific marketing brief to fulfill and you are still looking for the rare pearl ?Ask Ingretech!!

We will be delighted to study your project with our partners and to develop for you THE ingredient which will make your cosmetic formula unique on the market !



Our headquarters are based in the western suburbs of Paris, close to the famous castle of Saint Germain en Laye, in the Yvelines department (78), 20 minutes from La Défense.

Our storage warehouse and transport company are located in the North of Paris (95)


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