Surfachem / 2M Group of Companies Brexit response

January 2020

Following the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union and entry into the transition period, which is to end on 31 December 2020, there is still some uncertainty about the regulatory and trading conditions under which this withdrawal will ultimately take place.

Brexit currently represents a low risk for Surfachem Deutschland. We procure the majority of our products within Europe, so our customers can be assured that they will not be adversely impacted. Insofar, as the supply chain has an impact on the availability of our products, Surfachem Deutschland has minimised this impact through increased stock levels.

The Surfachem Group has increased its resources in regulatory affairs to effectively manage the additional regulatory burden of a possible “no-deal” exit at the end of the transition period. Our international Regulatory Affairs team will continue to offer support on BPR, REACh and other relevant regulatory frameworks.

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