Ingretech and Holiferm enter distribution agreement for biosurfactants in France

We are delighted to announce that with immediate effect, Ingretech will begin distributing biosurfactants supplied by Holiferm. This exclusive distribution agreement for this novel range of eco-friendly surfactants is applicable in France.

Holiferm’s 100% biobased and biodegradable surfactants are produced from European renewable feedstocks via a natural fermentation process, using yeast naturally found in honey. The product range is known under the tradenames HoneySurf® and HoliSurf®. These biosurfactants have a diverse range of applications and include home care uses such as hard surface cleaners and liquid dish wash detergents, as well as personal care formulations like face creams and shampoos. In addition to their unique environmental-friendly profile, the biosurfactants are COSMOS approved and offer different application benefits including an ultra-mildness to skin. Thanks to Holiferm’s patented highly productive fermentation process, these biosurfactants will for the first time be offered to the mass market within the highly competitive and still strongly petrochemical dependant surfactant industry.

« We have worked very hard to perfect the fermentation process to produce both sustainable and effective raw materials, that give customers a competitive advantage. Currently available at pilot plant scale, these biosurfactants are on track to be manufactured in what eventually will be the EU’s largest manufacturing plant for sophorolipids by Q1 of 2023,” adds Richard Lock, Managing Director at Holiferm. “Ingretech have an excellent reputation and market presence. That makes them an ideal distribution partner for us and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with them. »

Aline Serre, Associate Managing Director of Ingretech noted, “We are extremely pleased with this new collaboration and look forward to working with Holiferm. We are convinced of the bright future of biosurfactants in both cosmetic and detergent formulations. Holiferm’s fermentation technology is very impressive and we are proud to actively contribute to its success in France.”

About Holiferm

Holiferm is based in the North West of the United Kingdom with sites in Manchester, Daresbury and Wallasey. It was founded on the back of patented gravity separation technology developed at the University of Manchester. As a company we aim to disrupt the market and replace all petrochemical produced surfactants with our naturally produced biosurfactants. We use yeast derived from honey to produce our biosurfactants using a continuous cycle method, which makes them not only more economically viable, but more environmentally friendly too. Our biosurfactants have applications in many products found around the home including cosmetics, skin care, shower gels and hand cleansers.

About Ingretech

Since its creation in 2013 Ingretech has constantly developed its expertise in the distribution of high-tech ingredients in France.

Based in Saint Germain en Laye, in the western suburb of Paris, Ingretech is a subsidiary of Surfachem , part of the 2M Group of Companies.

We offer raw materials for cosmetics , home care, pharmaceutical and food industries. We pay particular attention to the quality, innovative nature, regulatory compliance and effectiveness of the products we market.

Our skilled team is committed to providing an optimal quality of service to our customers, assisted by the support services of our partners. We constantly study the market to identify the latest trends.

In response to our findings, we create fully formulated product concepts in our technical laboratory.

mardi, 12 juillet, 2022